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RAINDRIP - Weather Smart Pro Controller - RSC600is

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RAINDRIP - Weather Smart Pro Controller - RSC600is
Price: $79.99

RAINDRIP - Weather Smart Pro Controller - RSC600is

Maximize Your Time and Water Savings!

The WeatherSmart Pro is a simple, easy to program smart irrigation timer that precisely adjusts watering based on live rainfall & temperature information using its included onsite Wireless Weather Station.

Save water and achieve healthier landscapes through optimal watering with the WeatherSmart Pro. Suitable for Both Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation Systems.

How It Works: Simply program using your ZIP code. Included Wireless WeatherSmart Pro Weather Station collects live weather data onsite. WeatherSmart Pro receives rain & temperature data and automatically adjusts run times.

Automatic Rain Shutoff:
Automatically suspends programmed watering schedules during rainfall and when low temperature conditions occur.

Large Display with Touch-Pad Navigation - Easy to read and program.

See Your Water Savings: Displays daily and year-to-date water savings.

Percent Adjust: Function for adjusting run times for all zones.

Backup During Power Failure: Retains watering programs and settings when power fails.

Skip Feature: Allows you to interrupt and resume watering schedules for yard work or other activities .

Water Now Feature: Test cycle feature allows you to test each valve manually.

Optional Timer Mode: Allows you to switch from smart watering mode to a standard timer operation.

1 Year Limited Warranty

• “Smart” technology automatically adjusts watering based on current weather conditions
• Programs in minutes with your ZIP code
• Large, easy-to-read screen with touch pad navigation
• 6 Zone Capability / 4 Starts Per Day / 2 Run Times Per Zone

In the state of California, most water agencies will provide a cash rebate for the purchase of a SWAT (Smart Water Applications Technology) Tested timer. Water agencies provide rebates for timers that are SWAT tested. Rebates can range from $50 up to $200 in some cases.

Learn more about SWAT (Smart Water Application Technology) at

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